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Sin: Morality or Separation?

This post may seem incendiary in nature to some, although to others the sweet sound of peace-but the more i reflect on the concept of sin, the more I am invited to throw away its grounding in morality, and instead, see it as anything which separates us from the Absolute’s grace, the unrestricted love for…

Love’s Diet

There’s not a single piece of you I have not gently consumed. My hungry heart feeds On your love’s nutrients. Without your sustenance, I would wither away Depleted and starved. You sustain my pulse. I drink your kisses. I ingest your hugs. I absorb every last bit of you, Into my bloodstream. BeautyCreative WritingDatingFoodHealthLovePoemPoemsPoetryRelationshipsRomanceWriting

Privatio Boni

Most of the time, I speak with searing silence, Because spoken words Are not remotely eloquent enough To fully express the countless dire sentences Being scribed within me. Thus, I must conclude That our loudest cries are the ones Nobody can hear And pain-riddled quiet Can puncture eardrums. My ears incessantly ring With unremitting unvoiced…


Covered in cold silt, You showered me in love’s heat, At my dirtiest. BibleChristianityChristmasFaithGodHopeJesusPoemPoemsPoetryWriting

Holy Eyes

Revered eyes, Like mesmerizing stained-glass windows, Beautiful in and of themselves yes, But Ah! When light thoroughly consumes Their piercing panels of spirited color, They become a sacred cathedral, Filled with divine presence. I gaze into them in awe. I fall to my knees at your love’s alter And whisper my heart’s prayers Into your…