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My Heart

Every beat of my heart Is its desperate attempt To crack caged rib, Burst out of my chest, And find its way to you. For what is life, But your nearness? What am I, Without your touch? Because you now stream Through my entirety, Like a vast winding river To my heart’s sea, Every little…

Love’s Cocoon

My love: Swallows you like the ocean does A single pebble on its broad sweeping bed. My love: Engulfs you as eternity does a second. My love: Surrounds you like the beach does A miniscule granule of sand. My love: Wraps around you as utter blackness does Outer space. My love: Weaves through you like…


Let my gaze, With dilated pupils The size of the moon, Pull your heat’s tide Onto my love’s shore   BeautyCoupleHeartIrelandLifeLoveLovelyNaturePhotographyPoemRelationshipsRomanceTravel

Inward Joy

You are the grand laugh, Which billows in my lung’s depths, The smile before I’m happy. BeautyCoupleHappinessJoyLifeLovePoemRelationshipsRomanceSmile


Please, don’t hide from me, for I seek the face, which lies underneath the mask. BeautyCoupleInspirationLifeLoveMaskPoemRelationshipsRomanceTruth


Withdraw  Let’s run up a hill and roll down like young children, to a simpler place. ChildrenHappinessLifeLoveNaturePoemRelationshipsRomanceTimeWriting