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Sin: Morality or Separation?

This post may seem incendiary in nature to some, although to others the sweet sound of peace-but the more i reflect on the concept of sin, the more I am invited to throw away its grounding in morality, and instead, see it as anything which separates us from the Absolute’s grace, the unrestricted love for…

Privatio Boni

Most of the time, I speak with searing silence, Because spoken words Are not remotely eloquent enough To fully express the countless dire sentences Being scribed within me. Thus, I must conclude That our loudest cries are the ones Nobody can hear And pain-riddled quiet Can puncture eardrums. My ears incessantly ring With unremitting unvoiced…


Covered in cold silt, You showered me in love’s heat, At my dirtiest. BibleChristianityChristmasFaithGodHopeJesusPoemPoemsPoetryWriting