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Love’s Diet

There’s not a single piece of you I have not gently consumed. My hungry heart feeds On your love’s nutrients. Without your sustenance, I would wither away Depleted and starved. You sustain my pulse. I drink your kisses. I ingest your hugs. I absorb every last bit of you, Into my bloodstream. BeautyCreative WritingDatingFoodHealthLovePoemPoemsPoetryRelationshipsRomanceWriting

Holy Eyes

Revered eyes, Like mesmerizing stained-glass windows, Beautiful in and of themselves yes, But Ah! When light thoroughly consumes Their piercing panels of spirited color, They become a sacred cathedral, Filled with divine presence. I gaze into them in awe. I fall to my knees at your love’s alter And whisper my heart’s prayers Into your…

My Heart

Every beat of my heart Is its desperate attempt To crack caged rib, Burst out of my chest, And find its way to you. For what is life, But your nearness? What am I, Without your touch? Because you now stream Through my entirety, Like a vast winding river To my heart’s sea, Every little…

Love’s Cocoon

My love: Swallows you like the ocean does A single pebble on its broad sweeping bed. My love: Engulfs you as eternity does a second. My love: Surrounds you like the beach does A miniscule granule of sand. My love: Wraps around you as utter blackness does Outer space. My love: Weaves through you like…

Dream & Story

Even if we are but a dream; Then let the one who is asleep Slumber forever… And if we are but an author’s story; Then let it contain infinite chapters Its page’s pores drenched With our love’s scent. BooksCreative WritingDatingHappinessLovePoemPoemsPoetryRelationshipsRomanceWriting