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Covered in cold silt, You showered me in love’s heat, At my dirtiest. Advertisements BibleChristianityChristmasFaithGodHopeJesusPoemPoemsPoetryWriting

Inward Joy

You are the grand laugh, Which billows in my lung’s depths, The smile before I’m happy. BeautyCoupleHappinessJoyLifeLovePoemRelationshipsRomanceSmile


Please, don’t hide from me, for I seek the face, which lies underneath the mask. BeautyCoupleInspirationLifeLoveMaskPoemRelationshipsRomanceTruth


Withdraw  Let’s run up a hill and roll down like young children, to a simpler place. ChildrenHappinessLifeLoveNaturePoemRelationshipsRomanceTimeWriting


Float Your love is buoyant, and I float on its fondle, upon the world’s tears. HappinessHopeInspirationLifeLovePoemRelationshipsRomanceSadnessThoughts