Sin: Morality or Separation?

This post may seem incendiary in nature to some, although to others the sweet sound of peace-but the more i reflect on the concept of sin, the more I am invited to throw away its grounding in morality, and instead, see it as anything which separates us from the Absolute’s grace, the unrestricted love for another, and the positive affirmation of the self. Oscar Wilde once stated of Christ, “His morality is all sympathy, just what morality should be…For him there were no laws; there were exceptions merely.” Most modern christians notion of sin(rooted in morality), breed insensate judgements and a plethora of invective(without clemency) and hateful rhetoric. This constructs a moral high ground by which at its zenith, we cast the very stones Jesus told us not to. I have found the the ways of Grace and Love are unconditionally sympathetic and made entirely of exceptions toward “the other”. Anything else is sin’s true face. We cannot and must not let the festering of hate be disguised by the unscrupulous cloak of subjective self-righteousness, which christians have a fond penchant of. So gaze into the mirror or close your eyes tautly; you will most likely see and feel the abrading log you so often shirk.

A Few Hours

Tennyson- “Tis not too late to seek a newer world.”

3:30 am

Two worlds at any given moment, posses the potential to be separated by nothing more, than an infinitesimal word.
A single name.
A tiny sliver of breath.
Some would argue such discoveries are merely aleatory coincidences.
However, others would proclaim such tangential worlds colliding are apart of God’s divine intention; destined wind and sacrosanct.

The way you said my name was as if it was something you had waited your entire life to call out.
To savor on your tongue.
A piece of a puzzle you didn’t know you were putting together in the first place, like my name fit perfectly between your lips.
A gap formed particularly for three syllables.

And your sacchariferous voice!
What had I been listening to before your lilt?
It was as if I had been deaf, though now I hark a caressing melody.
Ears coddled by a sweet symphony.
Each letter of my name a chord of music played meticulously by you.

Like a voyager of old, I had scoured many loving seas.
Yet none can compare to the expansiveness of your heart.
Each second together, I sailed deeper and further into you and your splendor, and you left me no other choice…

I let the sails drop as the susurrus wind began pining.
I cast down my love’s anchor with unwavering alacrity, to be buried in your subaqueous heart.
And I’ll float here, in your majesty.
Immersed by your fathomless euphony of breath.
Lost in the sultriness of your blue eyes, watching the sunrise and sunset of your smile.

What an effulgent world I found in you…
All because you said my name, and the world appeared abundantly new.

7:30 am



“And the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh.”
-Mark 10-8

I want our hearts to be so near that when you breathe you feel my lungs expand and fill with fresh breath,
And when you smile you see my right dimple on your ivory cheek.

When you peer into the mirror, see flashes of my face,
With famished eyes feasting on your precious image, never replete.

Let’s be so close that when you laugh uncontrollably you feel tears well up in the ducts of my eyes,
And when your heartbeat spontaneously begins to race, know it’s because I am thinking of you.

When you cry feel the constricting pain of my aching heart,
And when you are happy feel how my spirit gleefully glows.

When you place your hand on my chest and garner traces of a steady thump, it’s your heart you feel beating.

Internalize how the weight of your lips hang on mine incessantly, its pink luscious cracks seared into my lip’s flesh,
And the tender pressure of your hug lingers on my torso, concealing it in warmth.

When I am asleep, may you have my dreams, disrupting any nightmare with the faintest vision of your face,
And when you close your eyes to rest know my body is calm and at peace.

Let me journey the thoughts in your head,
And time travel into the stream of your memory.

Let me wander the dense forests of your heart,
And the cliffs of your despair.

Let me rest on a lazy river coasting gently through your veins.